How to Hack the Stock Market

Hack the Stock Market seems very difficult but as we learned in; How to Hack the Bank, nothing is impossible.

So let’s get started!

First of all, we have to realize, what the Stock Market actually is.

It is an optimism or pessimism of investors in publicly available information or analysis about the performance of listed companies in numerical form. Means; the price of the stock depends on information how is the company doing. If there is some great information about a new iPhone, the stock of Apple is going up. If there is any information about Apple not reaching they predicted earnings, the stock is going down. The Stock is driven by the crowd and their feeling and behavior not really by the actual value.



We need a guy, who is capable of writing pearl scripts, a couple of hundreds “gateway” computers from all around the world and a basic capital of $20k. This will include all the beer and pizza and it is still much less than we needed to hack the bank and the profit will be much higher, so let’s get started.



What we are looking for are small and middle investors with investments not more than $100k in some stock portfolio. The large investors have immediate access to important information and they can validate them easily. The Large stock markets in some developing countries are the best targets. Stock Markets in the USA or Western Europe have real time monitoring of any transaction and if there is any suspicious action, the software throw a red flag and the account is blocked. So let’s stay in some medium size of stock markets.


First, we make a “list” of all websites, forums, and financial discussion groups. Then we prepare scripts, which will be running through our “gateway” computers and will contribute to the discussions with our prepared text. These scripts are very common. Very helpful would be an email database of financial journalists and small investors.

Then we find some startup high-tech company (for example from India) with very cheap stock. The company should be a failure in some sector of business, which is not very common. For example an optical converter interface. The company has to be on the market for some time already one year+. What we will do is to make from their shitty products a hot best seller.


First, we buy a lot of their stock for the lowest price possible – that shouldn’t be a problem. Off cause everything anonymous trough off-shore online brokers. The “information war” will begin on multiple fronts.


First of all, we will throw an underground information about the company being capable of tripling the speed in optical cables (nonsense but that doesn’t matter). The post will be signed by some companies insider or so. The small investor will come across this unofficial information and will think that the company will reveal it officially at the end of the quartal anyway. Everything has to look like the price of the stock will soon go up in the sky.


Since the internet is considered a source of trusted information, let’s start to hack some websites and spread our fake information. We can even hire some hacker group to do this for us. Then we spam our email list and send our message to all journalists. A great source would be to write a worm like a worm “ILOVEYOU” which would replicate itself and resend the message from the email account of the victim to their friends and coworkers.

The information in today’s world has an enormous value and can be very easily modified or hacked.

The interest about “our” stock is increasing rapidly. By the low price of the stock, the demand is enormous. When the stock reaches the profit of 500-800% we sell the stock. This is a very important part! It is just matter of the time when the bubble will blow. We have to have common sense and not to be greedy. The whole shares trading is based on the psychology of the crowd. Then we repeat this technique on other places around the world and disappear with the money

caprio dancing

Let’s be reasonable about this.

In the USA, an organization called SEC (security and exchange commission) is taking care of people who think are smarter than the system. Their sophisticated applications and years of experience with any type of fraud are one of the major disadvantages for today’s hackers.


There are cases when the wife of an important manager of one large American company was visiting her psychologist and was complaining about her husband being nervous about some acquisition. The psychologist didn’t wait and of cause bought some stock of the company and after the acquisition made a ton of money. The SEC and the FBI visited him and took care of him…

Another case is when only 17 years old kid was spreading around false information and made a ton of money on the stock market. When he got the visit from officials, his father in a brand new Mercedes was claiming, his son is just very gifted, it is not his fault. They couldn’t prove that the false messages were made by the kid and settle the case out of court.  I bet they kept the Mercedes.

As usual, I hope this article made your day and after a short daydream you will return back to your daily life and use all of your energy for something that really matters.


Don’t try this at home!

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